ambrogio intro A MODEL FOR EVERY NEED
The widest range of robotic lawnmowers on the market!

Ambrogio has earned the trust of thousands of people around the world who lovetheir garden and their free time!!!

All the Ambrogio models allow obtaining beautiful lawns: frequent and randomised cutting, reduction in water consumption, reduction in weed regrowth, excellent aesthetic results that cannot be obtained with traditional mowing, maintenance of lawn at the desired height all year round, it can work in the day and at night, even with rain, and can also manage obstacles.

The new Ambrogio models have been designed to last.. Every single detail has an innovative feature: safe cutting blade, strong wheels and body, coverage in the shortest time possible, which leads to greater durability without sacrificing the design and style of the machines.

Ambrogio is recognised for its excellent performance and innovative features.