Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that keeps the lawn mowed always - completely on its own, without creating large grass clippings and in complete safety. Available for more than 18 years, Ambrogio is the ideal robotic lawn mower considering professionalism, technological innovation, and excellence - combined with respect for the environment.

ambrogio robotAmbrogio is the perfect ally to manage any type of lawn every day: from small residential yards, simple and complex, up to large commercial properties.  Its method of frequent cutting provides a mulching function that enables sustainability of a healthy and lush lawn - requiring far less fertilizer.

The high technology of Ambrogio allows you to choose when and how to run the robot during the day. in other words, you fully control the times of day and days of the week the robot is seen in the yard. The high-quality materials selected for Ambrogio ensure excellent performance on uneven ground. The introduction of the brand-new ZCS smart technologies allow you to connect securely to your Ambrogio robot. In the digital era, the robotic lawn mower speaks the language of the future by making life simpler: Ambrogio robot gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your yard and outdoor life to the fullest, even while at work or away from home.  Ambrogio robot is all-electric, reducing noise and providing the most ecological method of lawn maintenance.

Three lines to meet the most diverse needs: GREEN line, simple and intuitive, PRO line, technologically advanced for professional use, NEXT line, innovative, hyper-connected, modular, and future-proof.

Calculate Annual Saving

Discover the advantages of Ambrogio Robot in terms of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, savings and leisure

Select lawn dimensions:

Lawn dimension

Lawn dimension
0-400 m2

of water -14 m3 of water
of fertilizer -4 kg of fertilizer
of materials for disposal -7 m3 of materials for disposal
hours mowing -50 hours mowing
-pollution -pollution
equivalent to a car that covers 7500 km

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