Ambrogio, a Friend to your garden and animals

Ambrogio, a Friend to your garden and animals

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is an innovative company that designs and manufactures the famous Ambrogio robotic lawnmower. On the market for 20 years, the company has always paid special attention to the safety of people and animals.

Robotic lawnmowers were created to improve the quality of your lawn and to make your life easier, allowing you to save time and money. They are environmentally friendly because they are much quieter and less polluting than traditional lawnmowers or ride-on mowers. They are equipped with blade protections (to prevent harming small animals), safety sensors, push-stop button and they meet the strictest EU safety standards.

Ambrogio Robot is made in Italy, and is synonymous with creativity, innovation, and design, but also quality, ethics and sustainability.

One of Ambrogio’s exclusive accessories is AMICO: a micro device that can be placed on the collar of medium to large sized pets, or in the case of a turtle, on its back. This device dialogues with Ambrogio to ensure that it operates at a safe distance from the animal, stopping the blade automatically if it gets too close.

New generation robots with artificial intelligence and on-board radar are also arriving on the market, which are able to manage all moving obstacles in the garden - such as small animals, therefore also hedgehogs - or stationary obstacles, day and night.

When using all types of automatic devices, a certain level of prudence and common sense is needed: we recommend always checking the area to be mowed first (removing any small objects) and remember that the robot is not a toy, but our garden’s friend. In fact, people often do not follow a few simple rules to prevent unpleasant accidents.

Equipped with long-life batteries, Ambrogio does not need to work for repeated continuous cycles during the day and night to cut the grass: with careful programming, Ambrogio can rest all night (and part of the day) leaving the garden free when it is not supervised and when small animals are on the move in search of food.

The advanced technology and high quality materials used for Ambrogio allow users to choose when and how to activate the robot. It should be considered that Ambrogio can mow the entire area of a medium-sized garden (up to 1600 sqm) in 4-7 hours. For the remaining part of the day, Ambrogio rests. Not all robotic lawnmowers can do this, which forces the user to activate it even at night (or when it rains! - not very effective to get a nice lawn).

The robot should be used as a tool that helps us in our daily activities, including the most difficult and tiring ones, looking after and improving the appearance and health of our lawn by reducing weeds. A more well-kept garden also discourages the presence of insects, moles, snails, snakes, etc. Ambrogio has been one of the family for 20 years.