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Ambrogio Robot – a member of the EGMF

The purpose of EGMF is to represent major garden, landscaping, forestry and turf equipment manufacturers. They work and develop the highest standards of quality, safety, ergonomics, environment-friendliness and energy efficiency.

EGMF works proactively on a European level with users, manufacturers, distributors, research institutes and the European institutions on optimal solutions for these sometimes conflicting goals.

The mission

The committees in the EGMF also discuss and make decisions on issues such as the standardisation of performance specifications, not least to provide the consumer with a sound basis for the comparison of products. Examples of the work they do include defining a basis for mowing performance specifications for robotic mowers as well as standardising wire signals used by all manufacturers to prevent interference when robotic mowers are operated in adjoining gardens.

More information on the EGMF can be found at here.