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Ambrogio 4.36 Elite with cloud navigation RTK is the ideal robot for large areas with very uneven terrain, that require the precise cutting of grass to the centimeter, the whole without the installation of the perimeter wire. The innovative RTK navigation system allows the robot to work on large green spaces (up to 10,000 square meters) ensuring a uniform and precise cut even near the perimeter of the area, with a maximum deviation of 5cm. The standard ZCS Connect ensures that the robot can be monitored anytime, anywhere, via the Ambrogio Remote APP.

Ambrogio 4.36 Elite RTK

Ultra precise cutting on large and irregular lawns

Working area

10000 m2

Perimeter wire





Automatic - Contact

Choose Ambrogio 4.36 Elite RTK if
  • You want a robotic lawnmower without a perimeter wire
  • You have a large garden
  • You are looking for precision and efficiency even on irregular and uneven terrain
No filo

No perimeter wire installation


Advanced RTK navigation

Intelligenza artificiale

Artificial intelligence


Extremely technological and smart

Projected into the future, the Next Line is based on the most innovative technologies to revolutionise the world of automated mowing

4.36 Elite RTK

  • RTK cloud-based navigation, without perimeter wire
  • Centimetre-precision mowing
  • 36-cm stainless steel blade for a wide, clean cut
  • Motorised blade adjustment
  • Handling uneven terrain thanks to the central joint
  • Klarer ujævnt terræn takket være en leddelt aksel


    ZDEFENCE (anti-mosquito device)

    The natural, simple and effective defence system against mosquitoes. The use of a natural biorepellent contained in the dispenser installed on the moving robot will make your garden welcoming and liveable, even at dusk.

  • ARTIGLIO 4 0 4 36

    Made of strong stainless steel, the spike allows Ambrogio Robot to optimise grip on very steep or slightly wet terrain

    AMICO (safety device for animals)

    A micro device that can be placed on the collar of medium/large pets, or on their back, as in the case of a turtle. AMICO communicates with Ambrogio via Bluetooth, and ensures that the robot automatically switches off when it gets close to the animal

Technical datasheet

Maximum cutting surface [m²] (-20%)* 10000 m2
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion battery (25.9V) 1x10.35 Ah
Allowable slope (%) 45%
Maximum slope (%) 35%
Slope on outer edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average working time [h](+-20%) 04:00
Charging mode Automatic
Charging type Contact

Blade type 4-point start
Cutting width [cm] 36
Cutting height (min-max) [mm] 20-65
Spiral cutting method
SDM" cutting method -
+ Infinity" cutting method Yes
Navigation GPS - RTK Yes
Self-levelling traction Yes
Eco mode
Rain sensor Yes
Virtual Areas No Limit
Lawn areas that can be managed including the main one No Limit

User interface Touchscreen display
Control APP Bluetooth-GSM
Bluetooth receiver Yes
GPS-GSM remote control (ZCS Connect) Yes
Integration with "Smart Assistant" voice assistants Yes
ZDefence On request

Security PIN PIN and Geofence

Robot weight - incl. batteries [kg] 18,0
Robot dimensions (lxwxh) 536x784x330 mm
Wheel profile Flex rubber
Noise level [dB(A)] 65
Protection rating IPx5

Standard equipment

  • Fixing pegs (20 pcs)
  • Charging station
  • User manual

Manual and documentation


Zucchetti Centro Sistemi extends the warranty on Ambrogio 4.0 Basic and Elite and on Ambrogio 4.36 robots up to 6 years!

2 years warranty with the conditions and limitations indicated in the warranty booklet plus an extension of 4 years

In order for the warranty extension to be valid, you must carry out regular winter maintenance, register the service in the manufacturer's portal, and make sure the duly completed certificates are issued and kept.

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4.36 Elite RTK

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4.36 Elite RTK

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