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Ambrogio Robot L 400i | New Video | Powerful and elegant, for very large areas

A powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 20,000 sqm, even those with multiple separate areas.

Ambrogio Robot 4.36 Elite | New Video | Powerful and jointed

The powerful battery and the 36 cm blade of the Ambrogio 4.36 Elite model allow it to handle large areas.

Ambrogio Robot Twenty ZR | New |  The technology that revolutionizes the garden-robotics

Twenty ZR is the brand new simple, compact, light, powerful and fast robot mower, which does not require the installation of perimeter wire.

Ambrogio Robot Twenty 29 | New | Technologically advanced and high-performance

The innovative TWENTY range has been enhanced with the brand new TWENTY 29 model, designed for medium to large-sized green areas.

Ambrogio Robot Twenty 25 | New | Compact and reliable, for medium-sized gardens

The innovative TWENTY range has been extended with the brand new TWENTY 25 model, designed for medium-sized gardens.

Ambrogio Robot Twenty | New Video| The baby of the new generation

A mini robotic lawnmower created to have even less impact on the environment and equipped with the most advanced features.

Ambrogio Robot L15 Deluxe | New Video | Small, gutsy and unique

The L15 Deluxe model is small, light, easily transportable, silent, and comes with a futuristic design

Ambrogio Robot NEXT Line 2022

The Ambrogio Robot Next Line expands and presents new models, capable of revolutionising the world of robotic cutting. New smart technologies on board that make the robots capable of self-learning and working without the need for a perimeter wire.

Ambrogio Robot PRO Line 2022

Enjoy a beautiful, well-tended lawn effortlessly and with the practicality of using the latest technologies. Smart & user friendly!

Ambrogio Robot GREEN Line 2022

The Ambrogio Robot GREEN line was designed to allow you to benefit from all the advantages offered by Ambrogio’s simple and innovative technology. The models, all with brushless motors, are very compact for small gardens and ensure excellent cutting and nutrition of the turf

Ambrogio Robot | Robotic Lawn Mower

Ambrogio Robot is the perfect day-to-day ally for managing any green area. Ambrogio gives us the time and freedom to fully enjoy the garden and life in the open air, even if we are far from home.

Ambrogio Robot | Ongoing Evolution

The 2022 Ambrogio Robot range is enriched with models featured with innovative technologies, allowing the robot to manage green areas without any installation, thanks to smart sensors and the radar

Ambrogio Robot Twenty ZR | No perimeter wire, fully automatic!

Ambrogio Twenty ZR technology integrates artificial intelligence systems with radar sensors, allowing the robot to detect grass, recognise obstacles at a distance (stationary and moving), edges and perimeters.

Ambrogio Robot Twenty ZR | No perimeter wire, fully automatic!

Ambrogio Twenty ZR, a new concept of automatic robot mower, a futuristic product based on Artificial Intelligence and innovative technology: no perimeter wire, fully automatic, with radar for grass recognition and obstacle detection.

Ambrogio’s Friends - The Grosseto Municipality chose Ambrogio L400 for the Zucchini Stadium lawn

The Municipality of Grosseto entrusted Ambrogio Robot with taking care of the lawn of the soccer field of the Carlo Zecchini Municipal Stadium; 9,000 square meters where an L400i Deluxe works.

Ambrogio’s Friends - The Cesena Municipality chose Ambrogio Robot for the S.Giorgio School park

The Municipality of Cesena has entrusted Ambrogio Robot to take care of the park in the San Giorgio primary school;  approximately 12,000 sm where two Ambrogio robots 4.36 Elite and a 4.0 Elite work together when the park is closed to students.

Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower, a family member for over 20 years…

For over 20 years, ZCS has been designing, manufacturing, innovating and distributing Ambrogio, the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. Trust the robot specialists.

Ambrogio’s Friends - “Vannucci Piante” choose Ambrogio Robot

Vannucci Piante talking about the collaboration (since 2014) with  Ambrogio Robot: 30 robotic lawn mowers  that take care of different and separate areas for a total of 10,000sqm of lawn in the "Nursery Park", a beautiful oasis with secular trees.Zucchetti Centro Sistemi and “Vannucci Piante”: two italian companies, both of which are projected onto international markets and which continue to invest in nature and technology

Ambrogio Robot QUAD Elite | No Limit | Up to 75% slopes!

QUAD Elite is dedicated to lawns with slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its 4 driving, electric-steering wheels and 10Ah battery, the robot can handle uphill and humps extremely steep. QUAD Elite is equipped with a special RADAR sensor, which lets the robot learn where the obstacle is located with no need of wire around the obstacle.

Space for emotions: let Ambrogio Robot take care of your lawn!

Enjoy the beauty of your garden effortlessly. In your daily life Ambrogio works for you: always and in any circumstance. You can control and manage the robot wherever you are: Ambrogio technology is always at your side to make your life easier. Space for emotions!