Ambrogio Robot - Vidéos

Ambrogio Robot NEXT Line 4.0: welcome to the NEXT Future!

Ambrogio Robot Next Line 4.0 is the first garden robot of the new digit era that revolutionizes gardening robotics: customizable, inductive charging, self cleaning, next generation processors, IoT technology (ZCS Connect), touchscreen display...super-technological, super-smart and interactive!!!

Ambrogio Robot L250i: interactive and smart

The two brand-new L250i – Elite and Elite S+ – models are a concentration of innovation and technology. • Up to 3.200 m² (Elite) and 5.000 m² (Elite S+) • Touch Display • ZCS Connect Module (with APP Ambrogio Remote) • “Smart Partition”cutting system • Manage up to 8 separate areas • Up to 16h Robot Free Garden

Ambrogio Robot L210: high performances & easy to use

Ambrogio L210 is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those who want high cutting performances combined with ease of use. • Up to 2.200 m² • Recharge base cover included • Bluetooth Receiver • Slopes up to 45%

Ambrogio L85 Elite: perfect for gardens with slopes!

The L85 Elite model is designed to effectively mow areas with slopes up to 55% (29°) which are difficult to reach with mowing tools, such as normal lawn mowers or garden tractors. • Up to 2.200 m² • Slopes up to 55% (29°) THE HIGHTEST LEVEL ON TH MARKET! • Bluetooth Receiver • 17h Robot Free garden • Titling system To handle better slope changes

Ambrogio Robot L85 Evolution: perfect for gardens with slopes!

Ambrogio L85 Evolution is equipped with patented wheels to allow it to handle steep slopes. It can manage up to three separate mowing areas with level differences up to 55% (29°), the highest on the market! • Up to 1.200 m² • Slopes up to 55% (29°)THE HIGHTEST LEVEL ON TH MARKET! • Bluetooth Receiver • Titling system To handle better slope changes

Ambrogio Robot L60 Deluxe: no installation, no perimeter wire!

Keeping small gardens in pristine condition has never been easier with the new Ambrogio L60 Deluxe • Up to 200 m² • 4WD • No perimeter wire, no installation • Slopes up to 50% (27°) • Four wheel drive

Ambrogio Robot GREEN LINE 2018 Introduction (ENGL)

La gamma GREEN è progettata per far scoprire i vantaggi della tecnologia semplice ed innovativa di Ambrogio robot. I 4 modelli della gamma garantiscono un taglio e una nutrizione ottimale del manto erboso, con il risultato di un prato più verde, sano e rigoglioso in maniera del tutto ecologica.

Ambrogio Robot PRO LINE 2018 Introduction (ENGL)

I robot rasaerba Ambrogio della gamma PRO sono progettati per coloro che ricercano la professionalità e l’eccellenza nei prodotti. I 10 modelli della gamma hanno tutti motori brushless, potenti batterie al litio-ioni ed evoluti sistemi di taglio per soddisfare al meglio le esigenze di chi possiede un giardino e desidera mantenerlo al meglio, in ogni periodo dell’anno. PRO Line "i": Ambrogio diventa un vero e proprio smart product; iperconnesso in Cloud con l’Internet delle Cose.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Riccardo (Terme Venezia Hotel - Abano Terme)

Riccardo, parla di Ambrogio Robot rasaerba: un modello L250 Elite acquistato nel 2016 che si prende cura del prato dell'Hotel Terme Venezia in un giardino di 1.500 metri quadrati pianeggiante

Ambrogio Robot: a Real Smart Lawn Mower!

In the digital era, the robotic lawn mower speaks the language of the future by making life simpler: Ambrogio robot gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the fullest, even away from home. Ambrogio becomes a real smart product, hyper-connected to the cloud with the Internet of Things.

The Story Behind Ambrogio Robot

Designed and manufactured by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a company specialising in the production of robots, Ambrogio stands out for its high level of innovation and technology, maximum cutting power, high level of performance, use of high quality materials, Italian style and design, ecological and user-friendly characte

Everybody crAzy for - The Tradizionalist

Typewriter, record player, walkman, old videogames ... how will a vintage lover would like to cut his grass? "The Traditionalist”, Ambrogio Robot Web Comedy.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Loris - Province Of Arezzo (Italy)

Loris from the province of Arezzo (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L85 & L200R) purchased in 2015, that work in a 10.00 sqm garden

Ambrogio’s Friends: Dino - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR - Italy)

Dino from Castiglione della Pescaia (GR - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L300 Elite, purchased in 2017, that works in a 3.500 sqm football field

Ambrogio’s Friends: Fabrizio - Gaggio Montano (BO - Italy)

Fabrizio from Gaggio Montano (BO - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L200 Basic, purchased in 2011, that works in a 1.7000 sqm lawn with sloping areas of 30%

Ambrogio’s Friends: Rina - Felonica (MN - Italy)

Rina from Felonica (MN - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L200 Elite, purchased 10 years ago, that works in a 3.500 sqm flat lawn.

Traditional Cut Vs Ambrogio Robot Mulching Cut (English ver.)

Ambrogio Robot allows you, thanks to the mulching effect, to cut the grass into very small pieces and distribute it on the lawn. The chopped grass that lays on the lawn takes care of two fundamental lawn functions; hydration and feeding of the lawn. A constant "natural fertilizer", for a greener, lusher and eco-friendly lawn!!

Profitez de votre Jardin grâce à Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio Robot est la tondeuse automatique qui prend soin de tout type de jardin: niveau élevé d’innovation et de technologie, une puissance de coupe maximale, d’excellentes performances, des matériaux de haute qualité.

Do What You Love Most (English ver.)

Every day I realize how easy it is to give the most precious thing we have: Time. My name is Ambrogio, the robot lawnmower. Do What You Love Most!

Ambrogio Robot L400

Ambrogio L400 works at the Avioclub of Valdichiana (Chiana Foiano - Arezzo): 30.000 sqm where Ambrogio takes every day care of the lawn.

Tutorial: Ambrogio L250 Touchscreen Display

Thanks to the easy to read icons, the innovative touch screen display makes the Ambrogio Robot L250 simple and intuitive.

New Ambrogio Robot L250 Introduction

The new Ambrogio Robot L250 is able to manage green areas up to 3.200 sqm. The two models of the line - Deluxe and Elite - are equipped with advanced cutting systems combined with the most advanced navigation technology to ensure the best cutting performance and maximum precision. The innovative touch screen display makes the robot's management, thanks to the easy to read icons simple and intuitive.

The installation of Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio Robot installation: easy, fast, not-invasive!