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Ambrogio Robot NEXT LINE 2020 (ENGL)

The revolutionary NEXT Line was born in the era of digital technology, of Internet of Things, Cloud and connectivity, but also of the customisation and flexibility of smart products. The Z (post-millennial) generation of ZCS robotic lawnmowers was designed to anticipate future needs in lawn mowing and autonomous and controlled management. The NEXT line expands and presents new models able to cover any garden area even the ones with the most complex features.

Ambrogio Robot NEXT Line 4.0: welcome to the NEXT Future!

Ambrogio Robot Next Line 4.0 is the first garden robot of the new digit era that revolutionizes gardening robotics: customizable, inductive charging, self cleaning, next generation processors, IoT technology (ZCS Connect), touchscreen display...super-technological, super-smart and interactive!!!

Ambrogio L85 Elite: perfect for gardens with slopes!

The L85 Elite model is designed to effectively mow areas with slopes up to 55% (29°) which are difficult to reach with mowing tools, such as normal lawn mowers or garden tractors. • Up to 2.200 m² • Slopes up to 55% (29°) THE HIGHTEST LEVEL ON TH MARKET! • Bluetooth Receiver • 17h Robot Free garden • Titling system To handle better slope changes

Ambrogio Robot L210: high performances & easy to use

Ambrogio L210 is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those who want high cutting performances combined with ease of use. • Up to 2.200 m² • Recharge base cover included • Bluetooth Receiver • Slopes up to 45%