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Ambrogio Robot - Space for Freedom

Ambrogio is tireless, it works discreetly and respects your space. The power of the engines, the efficiency of the batteries and the intelligence of the cutting systems designed to minimize working times make the difference in order to speed up the mowing and obtain a perfect lawn anytime. And you can live the outdoor, thoughtless.

Ambrogio Robot - Space for Quality

Ambrogio works for you daily and in complete autonomy, for the beauty of your green areas to be enjoyed with the eyes and with all the senses. Your garden gains an healthier and more luxuriant appearance without any further effort. Discover the feeling of freedom and respect for nature!

Ambrogio Robot L400i DELUXE | Powerful and elegant, for very large areas

A powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 20,000 m2, even those with multiple separate areas. The two models are also equipped with the new ZCS Connect module to connect and interact with Ambrogio every time and everywhere.

Ambrogio Robot L210 | Reliable for medium sized areas

Ambrogio L210 is the ideal robotic lawnmower for those who want high cutting performances combined with ease of use. The brushless motors and powerful lithium-ion batteries allow the robot to manage areas up to 2,800 m2 and slopes up to 45%. The L210 model is the oldest model in the wide Ambrogio Robot range!

Ambrogio Robot L32 Deluxe | Compact and efficient for complex gardens

The brand new L32 Deluxe was created to cut small, but complex gardens with narrow and tight maneuvering spaces. The brushless motors and innovative cutting system allows the robot to cover uneven areas. The Ambrogio Remote APP allows managing and updating the robot.

Ambrogio Robot L15 Deluxe (v. 2020) | Small, gutsy and unique!

The new L15 Deluxe model is small, light, easily transportable, silent, and comes with a futuristic design. Ambrogio L15 Deluxe is perfect for those who want a simple robot, without renouncing high technology locked up in only 42 cm and no more than 7 kg!

Ambrogio Robot L60 Elite | Simple, no installation for small areas

Keeping small gardens in pristine condition has never been easier with the new Ambrogio L60 Elite, designed for residential gardens up to 200 m2. Ambrogio L60 Elite is the ideal robot for those who want a perfectly mowed lawn, without the need to install perimeter wires. The robot’s ease of use also allows it to be put into service immediately and transported across multiple areas and different gardens.

Ambrogo Robot – the Automatic Lawn mower

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. It is the ideal solution for those who want the perfect lawn and more free time and it is suitable for those who are looking for mowing excellence, professionalism, and technological innovation, combined with respect for the environment.

Ambrogio Robot “+INFINITYSYSTEM”

+INFINITYSYSTEM (available on some models of the Ambrogio 2020 range), through the Cloud technologies and ZCS Connect, creates a constantly shared virtual map on the area to be mowed. The shared map allows robots to know the already cut micro areas optimizing the working time, without neglecting any area and with maximum precision. The robots equipped with +INFINITYSYSTEM have the ability to readjust themselves to work in areas that have increased their surface over time. External areas which become “yards” can be managed in a perfect combination with all the other green spaces.

Ambrogio Robot GREEN LINE 2020 (ENGL)

The GREEN line was designed to allow you to benefit from all the advantages offered by Ambrogio’s simple and innovative technology. The four models of the line, all with brushless motors, ensure excellent cutting and nutrition of the turf, resulting in a greener, lusher, and healthier lawn in a completely eco-friendly way. The models are very compact for small gardens and have the ability to hand the most difficult slopes and up to 4 different areas.

Ambrogio Robot PRO LINE 2020 (ENGL)

The Ambrogio Robot PROline models are designed for those who want a professional and excellent product. The 9 models of the range all have brushless motors, powerful lithium-ion batteries and advanced cutting systems, to meet the needs of garden owners who want to keep their lawn in pristine condition all year round. Connected and managed by the Ambrogio Remote APP.

Ambrogio Robot NEXT LINE 2020 (ENGL)

The revolutionary NEXT Line was born in the era of digital technology, of Internet of Things, Cloud and connectivity, but also of the customisation and flexibility of smart products. The Z (post-millennial) generation of ZCS robotic lawnmowers was designed to anticipate future needs in lawn mowing and autonomous and controlled management. The NEXT line expands and presents new models able to cover any garden area even the ones with the most complex features.

Ambrogio’s Friend:  Leonardo Pagani - Modena (Italy)

Leonardo Pagani (San Cesareo sul Panaro - Modena - Italy) talks about five Ambrogio models (two L250 Elite, three L350i Elite and one L400B) L30 & L85 Elite), that work in a 40.000 sqm garden with slopes

Ambrogio Robot | Made in Italy Lawnmower

With high quality materials and advanced technology, Ambrogio Robot is conceived, designed and manufactured in Tuscany (Italy).

Ambrogio Robot L15 Deluxe | Installation Guide

What is there in the box? - Needes parts for installation - Docking station positioning - Perimeter wire positioning - Last connections - Start up - Other operations.
Important: carefully read the User Manual for Technical information, Safety Instructions, Fuctioning and Installation

Amico:  Ambrogio’s IoT animal friendly device

Amico is a micro device to be put on an medium/large-sized animal collar, or on its back, as in the case of a turtle. This device dialogues with Ambrogio and guarantees the automatic shutdown of the blade when it is near animals.

Ambrogio Robot | Installation Guide

What is there in the box? - Needes parts for installation - Docking station positioning - Perimeter wire positioning - Last connections - Start up - Other operations.
Important: carefully read the User Manual for Technical information, Safety Instructions, Fuctioning and Installation

Ambrogio Robot L350i Elite: Technology & Connectivity

Ambrogio Robot L350i Elite, attractive design and high technology • up to 7.000 sqm • 7h continuos cutting / 9h robot free garden • APP Control Bluetooth-GSM • Touch Screen Display • Ambrogio Remote APP allows to connect and interact with the robot every time and everywhere

Ambrogio’s Friend: Maurizio - Lucca (Italy)

Maurizio from Lucca (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L300R Elite & L250 Elite 2016), that work in a 12.000 sqm flat garden

Ambrogio’s Friend: Francesco - Lucca (Italy)

Francesco from Lucca (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L30 & L85 Elite), that work in a 2.800 sqm garden with slopes and two different areas

Ambrogio’s Friends: Lorenzo - Roma (Italy)

Lorenzo from Roma (Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L30 Elite S+ , that works in a 1.800 sqm flat lawn with 4 different areas and some slopes.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Antonella - Province of Roma (Italy)

Antonella from Roma (Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L30 Deluxe, that works in a 600 sqm flat lawn with some obstacles.

Ambrogio Robot NEXT Line 4.0: welcome to the NEXT Future!

Ambrogio Robot Next Line 4.0 is the first garden robot of the new digit era that revolutionizes gardening robotics: customizable, inductive charging, self cleaning, next generation processors, IoT technology (ZCS Connect), touchscreen display...super-technological, super-smart and interactive!!!

Ambrogio Robot L210: high performances & easy to use

Ambrogio L210 is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those who want high cutting performances combined with ease of use. • Up to 2.200 m² • Recharge base cover included • Bluetooth Receiver • Slopes up to 45%

Ambrogio L85 Elite: perfect for gardens with slopes!

The L85 Elite model is designed to effectively mow areas with slopes up to 55% (29°) which are difficult to reach with mowing tools, such as normal lawn mowers or garden tractors. • Up to 2.200 m² • Slopes up to 55% (29°) THE HIGHTEST LEVEL ON TH MARKET! • Bluetooth Receiver • 17h Robot Free garden • Titling system To handle better slope changes

Ambrogio’s Friends: Riccardo (Terme Venezia Hotel - Abano Terme)

Riccardo talks about Ambrogio Robot lawnmower L250 Elite, purchase in 2016 that works in the Terme Venezia Hotel garden (a 1.500 sqm lawn).

Ambrogio Robot: a Real Smart Lawn Mower!

In the digital era, the robotic lawn mower speaks the language of the future by making life simpler: Ambrogio robot gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the fullest, even away from home. Ambrogio becomes a real smart product, hyper-connected to the cloud with the Internet of Things.

The Story Behind Ambrogio Robot

Designed and manufactured by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a company specialising in the production of robots, Ambrogio stands out for its high level of innovation and technology, maximum cutting power, high level of performance, use of high quality materials, Italian style and design, ecological and user-friendly characte

Everybody crAzy for - The Tradizionalist

Typewriter, record player, walkman, old videogames ... how will a vintage lover would like to cut his grass? "The Traditionalist”, Ambrogio Robot Web Comedy.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Loris - Province Of Arezzo (Italy)

Loris from the province of Arezzo (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L85 & L200R) purchased in 2015, that work in a 10.00 sqm garden