Ambrogio Robot - Video


Ambrogio’s Friends - The Grosseto Municipality chose Ambrogio L400 for the Zucchini Stadium lawn

The Municipality of Grosseto entrusted Ambrogio Robot with taking care of the lawn of the soccer field of the Carlo Zecchini Municipal Stadium; 9,000 square meters where an L400i Deluxe works.

Ambrogio’s Friends - The Cesena Municipality chose Ambrogio Robot for the S.Giorgio School park

The Municipality of Cesena has entrusted Ambrogio Robot to take care of the park in the San Giorgio primary school;  approximately 12,000 sm where two Ambrogio robots 4.36 Elite and a 4.0 Elite work together when the park is closed to students.

Ambrogio’s Friends - “Vannucci Piante” choose Ambrogio Robot

Vannucci Piante talking about the collaboration (since 2014) with  Ambrogio Robot: 30 robotic lawn mowers  that take care of different and separate areas for a total of 10,000sqm of lawn in the "Nursery Park", a beautiful oasis with secular trees.Zucchetti Centro Sistemi and “Vannucci Piante”: two italian companies, both of which are projected onto international markets and which continue to invest in nature and technology

Ambrogio’s Friend - Ferrari Trento chooses the Made in Italy Robot Lawn Mower

A bottle of Ferrari and Ambrogio Robot. Two Made in Italy brands that enter all homes, large and small, who love good, beautiful things that express Italian excellence. Live, Enjoy and Love Your Garden!

Ambrogio’s Friend:  Leonardo Pagani - Modena (Italy)

Leonardo Pagani (San Cesareo sul Panaro - Modena - Italy) talks about five Ambrogio models (two L250 Elite, three L350i Elite and one L400B) L30 & L85 Elite), that work in a 40.000 sqm garden with slopes

Ambrogio’s Friend: Maurizio - Lucca (Italy)

Maurizio from Lucca (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L300R Elite & L250 Elite 2016), that work in a 12.000 sqm flat garden

Ambrogio’s Friend: Francesco - Lucca (Italy)

Francesco from Lucca (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L30 & L85 Elite), that work in a 2.800 sqm garden with slopes and two different areas

Ambrogio’s Friends: Lorenzo - Roma (Italy)

Lorenzo from Roma (Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L30 Elite S+ , that works in a 1.800 sqm flat lawn with 4 different areas and some slopes.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Antonella - Province of Roma (Italy)

Antonella from Roma (Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L30 Deluxe, that works in a 600 sqm flat lawn with some obstacles.

Ambrogio’s Friends: Riccardo (Terme Venezia Hotel - Abano Terme)

Riccardo talks about Ambrogio Robot lawnmower L250 Elite, purchase in 2016 that works in the Terme Venezia Hotel garden (a 1.500 sqm lawn).

Ambrogio’s Friends: Loris - Province Of Arezzo (Italy)

Loris from the province of Arezzo (Italy) talks about two Ambrogio models (L85 & L200R) purchased in 2015, that work in a 10.00 sqm garden

Ambrogio’s Friends: Dino - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR - Italy)

Dino from Castiglione della Pescaia (GR - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L300 Elite, purchased in 2017, that works in a 3.500 sqm football field

Ambrogio’s Friends: Fabrizio - Gaggio Montano (BO - Italy)

Fabrizio from Gaggio Montano (BO - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L200 Basic, purchased in 2011, that works in a 1.7000 sqm lawn with sloping areas of 30%

Ambrogio’s Friends: Rina - Felonica (MN - Italy)

Rina from Felonica (MN - Italy) talks about an Ambrogio Robot Law Mower L200 Elite, purchased 10 years ago, that works in a 3.500 sqm flat lawn.