Ambrogio L60 ELITE brings all the benefits of a compact and practical lawnmower to your home. It is optimized for small areas, where it is capable of extreme cutting precision. A perfect lawn and effortless results are guaranteed by its 4-wheel drive.

It is very easy to use and does not require the installation of a perimeter wire thanks to the obstacle sensor. Equipped with an intuitive onboard control keypad, it can also be managed via the Ambrogio remote app.

Ambrogio L60 Elite

Simple-to-use robot for small lawns – no installation required!

Working area

0.05 acres

Perimeter wire


Maximum slope




Choose Ambrogio L60 Elite if...
  • Do you have a small, enclosed lawn?
  • Do you want a ready-to-use robot that doesn’t require perimeter wire installation?







Easy to use and mowing perfection

The GREEN line is for those who have a small area and want an easy and intuitive way to manage their lawn

L60 Elite

  • 4-point blade and ZGS sensor
  • Wrap-around front and rear bumper absorbs all shocks and impacts
  • Lightweight structure for easy handling
  • Remote management and control via APP using Bluetooth
  • 4-wheel drive


    AMICO (safety device for animals)

    A micro device that can be placed on the collar of medium/large pets. AMICO communicates with Ambrogio via Bluetooth, and ensures that the robot automatically switches off when it gets close to the animal.

Technical datasheet

Maximum cutting surface [acres] (-20%)* 0.05 acres
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion battery (25.9V) 1x5,0 Ah
Allowable slope (°) 28°
Maximum slope (°) 22°
Slope on outer edge or perimeter wire (°) -
Average working time [h](+-20%) 02:00
Charging mode Manual

Blade type 4-point star
Cutting width [inches] 9.84
Cutting height (min-max) [inches] 16.54 - 18.9
Spiral cutting method No
SDM cutting method No
+ Infinity cutting method No
Eco mode Yes
Rain sensor No
Lawn areas that can be managed including the main one 1

User interface Keypad & LED
Control APP Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
GPS-GSM remote control (ZCS Connect) On request
Integration with Smart Assistant voice assistants Included in ZCS Connect
AMICO On request

Security PIN PIN code via APP

Robot weight - incl. batteries [lbs] 3.8
Robot dimensions (lxwxh) [inches] 141.73x173.23x78.74 inches
Noise level [dB(A)] 65
Protection rating IPx4

Standard equipment

  • Power Supply unit
  • User manual
  • Spacer

Manual and documentation

Other information
L60 Elite

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L60 Elite

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