Ambrogio Robot Q&A

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The Ambrogio robotic mower works in a predefined area by means of a perimeter wire fixed with special pegs and buried underground. The ends of the wire are connected to the robot's charging station, which in turn is connected to the mains power.

Once the perimeter wire is installed and the desired parameters are set, Ambrogio cuts the grass autonomously, without requiring any intervention. It works according to programmed work intervals, mowing the lawn every day or as often as you want, and alternating between mowing and charging phases.

The charging station is installed along the perimeter in an area that is suitable for the user.

The latest generation of Ambrogio robots is equipped with special functions, sensors and radars that allow the mower to recognize and map the working area without the need to install a perimeter wire.

The robots are equipped with guide manuals for DIY installation. You can install the robot yourself by following the instructions provided. If you have a garden larger than ¼ acre, our advice is always to consult a specialist.

Yes, the perimeter system can be changed at any time after the initial installation.

No, if you rely on a professional installer, the perimeter wire is laid with a special tool under the turf and the soil will absorb the operation within 36 hours, returning the grassy surface to its previous state without any sign of the wire or the laying furrow. Even a DIY installation, if done properly, will not affect the lawn’s appearance.

The perimeter wire can be repaired without any problems. We recommend that you disconnect the power supply to the transmitter of the charging station, and repair the wire in the following way:

  • remove the covering at both ends of the break;
  • join the two ends with waterproof heat-shrink tape or, alternatively, with dedicated gel clamps.


Ambrogio recharges itself. When the battery reaches the minimum voltage, the robot emits a signal and heads for the charging station.

Ambrogio is designed to work in all weather conditions and withstands both very low and high temperatures. However, it is not advisable to use it during rainy weather in order to avoid damaging the lawn. In fact, Ambrogio is equipped with a rain sensor that, when activated, returns the robot to the charging station in the event of rain. The sensor can always be turned off.

Ambrogio can work both day and night. In any case, it is advisable to avoid mowing at night when the grass is still wet with dew, as this may damage the lawn.

In order for Ambrogio to avoid objects in the garden, e.g. flower beds, trees, bushes and decorative elements, they must be surrounded by the perimeter wire. As soon as the robot encounters an object at least 4 inches high, it lightly touches it and then changes direction. Light bumps will not damage obstacles or the robot.

To proceed correctly, please refer to the section in the instruction manual on how to prepare the work area.

The latest generation of robots are equipped with innovative functions and have sensors that recognize all kinds of objects and avoid them. They can also utilize grass sensors. As long as Ambrogio detects a grassy surface, it keeps the cutting blade active and stays working within the perimeter of the lawn.

Ambrogio robots are equipped with a mulching function, which means there is no need to collect grass clippings. The grass clippings are finely shredded and redistributed on the lawn as a natural fertilizer. This keeps the lawn lush while avoiding the hassle of collecting and disposing of the cut grass.

Yes, the Ambrogio robots can manage up to 8 mowing areas in the garden. Consult the technical data sheets of each robot to find the right model for your garden.

All models in the Ambrogio Robot range can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The interface can be managed via the Ambrogio Remote App, which allows you to set or change the settings of your lawnmower. The App also allows you to drive the robot with an on-screen joystick.

In addition to the App, the most equipped robots come with a touchscreen display for managing functions.

Yes, the robot can be managed via the ZCS Connect module. This system is integrated into many Ambrogio robot models.

The robots have a power consumption of around 60 watts (comparable a light bulb or a smartphone charger). Consumption is very low and does not signicicantly affect electricity bills.


You can buy Ambrogio Robot from official dealers. Visit the “Authorized Dealers” section to find your nearest dealer.

Ambrogio’s wide range of robots allows you to choose the ideal robot for your garden.

The size of the lawn, the slopes and different mowing areas in your garden are key aspects to consider when choosing your robot. To find out which model best meets your needs, take the "Find the ideal groundskeeper for your lawn" test

If you have any doubts when choosing a robot, contact your local authorized dealer without obligation. Visit the Dealers section to find the one nearest to you.

It is always recommended to contact a specialist for gardens larger than ¼ acre.


You can dry clean the upper body and air clean the lower body. The charging contacts can be cleaned with abrasive paper to prevent rust. Never clean the robot with large jets of water.

It is advisable to perform special maintenance once a year (winter storage) at the end of the mowing season, at your local authorized dealer.

All models in the range come with a 2-year warranty. The warranty for Ambrogio 4.0 and 4.36 models can be extended free of charge up to a maximum of six years. In order for the warranty extension to be valid, you must carry out regular winter maintenance, register the service in the manufacturer's portal, and make sure the duly completed certificates are issued and kept.

Yes, you can extend the warranty up to a maximum of four years on all models with a 2-year warranty by carrying out winter maintenance at an authorized dealer. Ask your dealer about the cost of extending the warranty.

The warranty can be extended at the time of purchase.

No, consumables are not included in the warranty. Consult the user manual or ask your local dealer for more information.