Ambrogio AI, beyond the future

The new line of robotic lawnmowers powered by Artificial Intelligence.

1 Campagna per testata 1520x1040

Picture this: a new line of lawn assistants that propels your garden into the future.

It’s real, it’s Ambrogio AI.

The AI-Powered robotic lawn mower is based on the technology of tomorrow.

The All-In-One robotic lawn mower integrates the RTK satellite system with Zucchetti Centro Sistemi technologies to deliver unparalleled precision in lawn mowing.

The All-Italian-made robotic lawn mower is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and Italian style.

AI’m Ambrogio: technology and artificial intelligence come together for an unprecedented experience.

With the integration of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi's proprietary sensors and RTK satellite system, together with advanced cloud data management, real-time lawn mapping and customised post-editing capabilities and an optimised cutting system, Ambrogio AI is already beyond the future.

3 Generica sistema multitecnologia

A close-up of the new
Ambrogio line

The Ambrogio AI models represent a multi-technology innovation that goes beyond the future by eliminating the need for a perimeter wire and incorporating exclusive smart technology into the cutting system.

The integration of the RTK sensor technology uses real-time precision corrections to enhance the sharing of position data obtained from satellite systems. This allows for real-time virtual mapping of the work area and optimisation of the cutting algorithm.

Ambrogio AI is, therefore, capable of adapting to changes autonomously, placing it among the 5.0 technological devices. This means it is not only more flexible and sustainable but also more attuned to human needs.

4 Generica vantaggi

One system,
multiple advantages

The Ambrogio AI range of lawn assistants outperforms classic lawn mowers in several key aspects:

  • practicality: virtual mapping of the cutting area via app
  • speed: the work area can be changed quickly
  • time-saving: more time to enjoy your garden, which will be impeccably maintained and tidy
  • durability: the internal components are designed to last longer than other models
  • precision: knowing the position of the robot down to the centimetre allows specific mowing areas to be configured

Beyond the future: why?

Three features distinguish the technology of the Ambrogio AI range from other robotic lawn mowers:
the Cloud system, lawn mapping and post-editing, and the cutting system.

5 Sistema Cloud

Cloud system

A fixed antenna continuously saves data coordinates on a cloud platform developed by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi. Using a 4G connection, the collected data is processed by Ambrogio AI to enhance its positioning accuracy.

Each robot can access the correction data from an antenna located within a maximum radius of 15 km.

There is no theoretical limit to the number of robots that can access data from the same antenna. Just as multiple robots can follow and exchange maps stored on the cloud.

And what if the coverage needs to be expanded? This can be done by accessing the cloud data to identify the position of the antennas.

6 App mappatura prato

Lawn mapping and

The Ambrogio AI line provides two methods for mapping the cutting area via the Remote app:

  • virtual drawing: enables you to virtually draw the perimeter of the cutting area on a map
  • robot guide: allows you to guide your assistant along the perimeter and around the excluded areas

Multiple maps can be created for each robot, all of which are stored on the cloud: Ambrogio will seamlessly switch between different configurations with just a click, depending on your cutting requirements.

Do you need to recalculate the robot path? With the post-editing function in the app, you can change the cutting perimeter virtually without having to physically guide the robot to the specific area of the garden that needs to be changed.

Additionally, with the proposed mapping systems, an Ambrogio dealer can remotely create the garden map using virtual drawing. This allows customers to use the robot immediately upon unboxing, as any necessary adjustments to the mapping can be made using the “post-editing” function.

Cutting system

The Ambrogio AI line is designed to cut grass following a systematic path. Imagine that your Ambrogio has to make a brief stop due to rain or a flat battery.

Its ability to determine its exact position on the cutting path allows it to resume its activity from the exact spot where it stopped.

Each robot is equipped to handle both dynamic and fixed obstacles within the cutting area. It follows the same path from the start point to the end point and vice versa, using the “mirror method.”

To limit the “trampled grass” effect, the direction of the cutting path is changed each time the work area is completed.

Ambrogio Next Line AI

4.0 Elite RTK
  • NEW 2024

4.0 Elite RTK

up to 5500 m2 - slope: 45%

4.0 Elite RTK 4WD
  • NEW 2024

4.0 Elite RTK 4WD

up to 5500 m2 - slope: 60%

4.36 Elite RTK
  • NEW

4.36 Elite RTK

up to 10000 m2 - slope: 45%

4.36 Elite RTK 4WD
  • NEW 2024

4.36 Elite RTK 4WD

up to 10000 m2 - slope: 65%

4.50 Elite RTK
  • NEW 2024

4.50 Elite RTK

up to 80000 m2 - slope: 45%

12 Bonus track

Bonus track: ZCS sensors that complete the
Ambrogio AI line

Designed in-house by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, the Radar and Ultrasonic sensors are the technological heart of the Ambrogio AI robots.


They operate in all weather conditions and at any time of the day.

They withstand grass clippings, mud, rain, and darkness for a consistent and impeccable mowing result.
8 Radar erba
Grass radar with Artificial Intelligence

The radar emits a signal and receives a reflected signal from the surface on which the robot is moving.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, the robot can:

  • identify the type of surface it is currently on
  • work on grassy areas
  • avoid restricted areas

The sensor remains unaffected by both good and bad weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments.

9 Sensore ostacolo
Obstacle Sensor with Ultrasound

The sensor allows the robots to detect obstacles accurately and safely, regardless of their size and the type of environment they are in.

This highly technological detection system enables the Ambrogio AI robots to manoeuvre seamlessly in every corner of the garden, including narrow or hard-to-reach spaces, without the need to remove obstacles.

10 Sensore baratro
Drop-off Sensor with Ultrasound

This sensor represents cutting-edge technology that allows the robots to detect the presence of gullies or uneven terrain on the ground.

Leveraging ultrasonic radar technology, it identifies potential hazards and prevents accidental falls, thereby ensuring greater safety for both the robot and the surrounding areas.

11 No segnale sensori a lavoro

No signal, no problem

There may be certain areas that RTK cannot reach, such as areas shielded by natural obstacles or buildings.

In the absence of a signal, the Ambrogio AI line relies on its unique sensor technology to continue moving within the work area

It identifies the edges of the cutting area and any designated exclusion areas while continuously searching for a reliable satellite signal.

With the option to integrate a perimeter wire, the sensor technology is a reliable alternative to ensure uninterrupted operation even when there is no signal and to enjoy a lawn that exceeds expectations.