Technological heart

Ambrogio Robot is your lawn's butler, reliable and safe, who takes care of your lawn on his own, cutting the grass and allowing you to relax in complete freedom.

The latest generation of Ambrogio robots has been built using sophisticated technology to offer maximum user-friendliness and a perfect result every time.

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Lawns in tip-top shape
without effort

With Ambrogio your lawn is always in tip-top shape, beautiful, well-tended and lush, without any time and effort. All you have to do is set the right program and the robotic mower will work all on its own, mowing and charging the battery.

The latest and most innovative models recognise the lawn and detect the presence of obstacles, trees, flower beds and furnishings, avoiding the installation of the classic perimeter wire. Without forgetting energy saving and attention to our planet, with technologies that reduce environmental impact.

Ambrogio mows like a true "green" expert: it allows you to memorise work times and always guarantees maximum efficiency. Some models have a GPS satellite navigation system capable of creating a map of the garden, other models work with a random system, which is based on mowing algorithms. The research on mowing technologies that Ambrogio can offer continues!

Control Ambrogio's
work remotely

The Ambrogio Robot loves simple technology and takes care of your lawn even when you're not at home. You can control and change its settings remotely, using the dedicated app for mobile devices.

The dedicated App also allows you to receive information on the status of your robot and alarm messages from the anti-theft system if the lawnmower leaves the garden, even unintentionally.

Ambrogio Remote

The Ambrogio Remote app is available for both Android and iOS: you can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

You can also interact with your robotic lawnmower at any time using voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.

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Immediate retrieval of grass clippings

Thanks to the Mulching function, Ambrogio also saves you the hassle of disposing of grass clippings.

The clippings are finely shredded during the mowing and redistributed on the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser. This makes your lawn greener and lusher, while avoiding the hassle of having to collect and dispose of grass clippings.

Giardino sicuro

A welcoming and safe garden thanks to Ambrogio

Efficient and powerful, Ambrogio Robot is not only a friend to your garden, but also to the natural environment and your pets. The lawnmower keeps a safe distance from animals thanks to its safety system.

Ambrogio si adatta

Ambrogio adapts to your personal needs

Today you have the possibility to customise your robotic lawnmower and adapt it to your needs and requirements. In fact, Ambrogio has a wide range of models to guarantee precise and consistent cutting on any type of garden.