Winter storage of your Ambrogio Robot

Annual maintenance of your Ambrogio Robot is necessary to keep it in perfect condition for a long time and to prevent breakdowns, faults and malfunctions.

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For detailed information on storage and maintenance, please contact your dealer or our technical support service.

What does the Ambrogio Robot winter storage service entail?

Winter storage means both annual maintenance at the end of Ambrogio's work cycle, and its storage at an authorised dealer, or if you prefer somewhere in your home (cellar, garage, etc.)

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Annual maintenance

Before storing your Ambrogio Robot for the winter, we recommend completely servicing it to prevent any problems and preserve its mowing performance.

The Ambrogio annual maintenance service includes cleaning the internal and external parts, replacing the blade and other worn parts, diagnosing the motor and battery, carefully checking the proper functioning of each component and updating the software, plus any other operations that may be necessary.

Regular maintenance, as we have said, maximises the life of the robotic mower and prevents the expense of repairs and extraordinary maintenance.

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Winter storage

Once the annual maintenance and servicing have been carried out, you can decide to store Ambrogio in your garage or cellar, or you can leave the robotic mower at the service centre and collect it in the spring when it is time to use it again.

This service avoids cluttering up your garage or cellar and guarantees the perfect storage of the Ambrogio Robot.