Ambrogio: did you know that?

Lo sapevi che
  • 1
    The "father" of Ambrogio is...

    Ambrogio Robot was born in 2000 from an idea by Fabrizio Bernini, ZCS President, who was tired of mowing his lawn!

  • 2
    The first Ambrogio

    The first model was called Ambrogio UFO

  • 3
    Tuscan to the core!

    Ambrogio has always been Made in Italy, or rather Made in Tuscany!

  • 4
    Italian design

    The design of Ambrogio is handled in-house by ZCS

  • 5
    “Vanity Fair”

    Since 2000, Ambrogio Robot has participated in over 100 trade fairs

  • 6
    The first fair

    The first fair in which Ambrogio participated: GAFA in September 2000, where contact was made with the first importer (Belgium)

  • 7
    Ambrogio lands in Europe!

    After Italy, in 2000 Ambrogio Robot arrived in Belgium, then in France and then Austria

  • 8
    Ambrogio worldwide!

    Today in 2022, Ambrogio Robot is present in 33 countries worldwide, including the USA, India, Australia, Japan and South America

  • 9
    Ambrogio Social

    Ambrogio has been on Facebook since 2012 and on Instagram since 2017