Conventional warranty

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA (referred to as ZCS) offers a contractual warranty to purchasers of Ambrogio branded robots (referred to as 'Purchaser' or 'Purchasers') at no additional cost. This warranty supplements the seller's legal warranty obligations and is subject to the conditions and limits outlined in these regulations.

2. The subject matter of the contractual warranty is described below.

The conventional guarantee includes the supply, in substitution for the component/product found to be defective, of compliant components and/or products in order to permit the repair of the defect found in the case of:

  • Manufacturing defects in non-wearing plastic components.
  • Manufacturing defects in electronic components, except for those specified in the warranty booklet or user manual provided to the purchaser with the product.
  • Manufacturing defects in cutting, traction, and steering motors
    • for up to 5000 operating hours in case of 2+4 years warranty
    • for up to 3000 operating hours in case of 2+1 years warranty

The warranty does not cover a) the costs of labour required for preventive analysis, component replacement, or any other activity aimed at eliminating the detected defect, whether carried out by ZCS or persons commissioned by ZCS; b) the costs of transporting the material supplied under warranty will be borne by the Buyer.

The replacements provided under this warranty may be new or equivalent (reconditioned or previously repaired) components or products.

After the replacement, the Buyer will own the replacement component or product, and the defective product or component will become the property of ZCS. ZCS is then entitled to remanufacture or dispose of the returned defective material.

3. Conditions for the operation of the covenant guarantee:

The warranty applies only to robots that are:

  • manufactured from November 2022 onwards (the production date is indicated on the label, see example)
  • installed from 1 January 2024.

To benefit from the Conventional warranty as defined in art. 2, please ensure that the aforementioned conditions are met. To register the product, the Customer must complete the appropriate form at the following link within 30 days of purchase. The form must include a copy of the purchase documents for the item. If the Purchaser fails to register within the indicated terms or cannot produce the purchase documents, the seller's legal warranty for lack of conformity will apply, and the conventional warranty will not be activated.

4. Duration of the Conventional Guarantee

The activated guarantee will last for 1 to 4 years, starting from the date of termination of the legal guarantee period. The duration of this period will be determined by the accompanying document submitted for the extended warranty registration as per Art. 3.

During the term of the contractual warranty, the supply of goods to replace a defective component or product does not result in the suspension or interruption of the originally granted term, as stated in the preceding paragraph. The duration of the conventional warranty will not be extended or renewed due to component or product replacements. The remaining warranty period will be assigned to the replacement component or product.

5. Request for Replacement

To be eligible for the warranty mentioned in Article 2, the Purchaser must report any alleged manufacturing defects within 30 days of discovering the defect. This must be done by contacting one of ZCS's authorised dealers (a list of which can be found at the following link) and delivering the robot in good, clean condition, along with the following documents:

  • The original proof of purchase from the authorised centre
  • The product serial number
  • The description of the defect
  • Proof of winter storage

Verification of the defect must be carried out by ZCS or a person appointed by ZCS. Therefore, the guarantee's actual operation, pursuant to and for the purposes of this document, is subject to prior analysis and subsequent authorization by ZCS or a person appointed by ZCS.

6. Warranty exclusions, forfeitures and limitations

Any malfunction or defect will not be covered by the conventional warranty in the following cases (authorized dealers and distributors are responsible and authorized by ZCS to carry out the relevant checks)

  • notification of the defect made after the time limit indicated under penalty of forfeiture or in any case failure to comply with the procedures laid down for forwarding the request for replacement as per art. 3;
  • the robot is purchased once the term of three years has elapsed from the date of manufacture of the same (the date of manufacture is identified on the label as specified in art. 3);
  • robot purchased from a non-authorised ZCS dealer;
  • robots used for sampling and/or exhibitions;
  • the warranty period as defined in art. 4 has already empire;
  • the manufacturing defect concerns non-series components (accessories) installed on the robot. By way of example, without any claim to exhaustiveness, we indicate the Amico device the Connect module (where not provided as standard);
  • the manufacturing defect concerns the batteries
  • the robot or component has been modified, either wholly or partially, in relation to the product specifications;
  • there have been instances where non-original components, including blades and installation material, were used without approval from ZCS;
  • repairs or replacements were attempted by technicians who were not affiliated with ZCS;
  • improper use of the robot;
  • failure to follow instructions outlined in the user manual are also potential issues;
  • malfunctions caused by improper use of devices to interact with the robot, such as the Remote app.
  • easily recognizable defects present at the time of purchase;
  • malfunctions caused by incorrect installation, not in accordance with ZCS procedures;
  • damage to the robot or its components due to incorrect storage or mishandling by the distributor or purchaser;
  • the product was damaged during transportation due to inadequate packaging;
  • any defects or malfunctions caused by force majeure, such as violent atmospheric factors, lightning, fire, overvoltage, high inrush current, or removal of wiring, are not covered by the warranty;
  • any damage caused by water, such as the use of high-pressure water jets for cleaning or immersion of the robot, especially after heavy rain in areas where water pools, is not covered by the warranty;
  • damage caused by thunderstorms, fire, or using the robot outside of the permitted temperature range listed in the user manual;
  • damage that is purely cosmetic and does not affect the functionality of the unit;
  • damage caused by the use of aggressive chemicals that corrode the material;
  • damage caused by accidents;
  • theft or vandalism of the product or any of its components;
  • the cause of the product failure or defect cannot be verified as the component required for the Buyer's technical analysis is unavailable;
  • the product's consumable parts may experience normal wear and tear during use;
  • damage caused during transport in non-original packaging;
  • the warranty for robots sold outside the country of importation (such as a robot imported into Germany, only applies within German territory);
  • The Purchaser will forfeit the right to the guarantee if:
  • will not notify to the seller of any defects within 30 days of discovery, unless the parties or the law stipulate otherwise;
  • does not provide, every 14 months from the date of purchase reported in the document proving the sale (see art. 3) , to acknowledge, through registration on the dedicated portal (Ambrogio Service app), the winter storage carried out at an authorized center (link)

The Purchaser is responsible for the cost of transport and labour required for preventive analysis and replacement of the defective product/component, including any inspections on (the installation site), even if this conventional warranty is in force.If it is determined that the defect does not exist or is outside the scope of the conventional guarantee, the activities and services provided will be invoiced to the purchaser.

8. Limitation of Liability:

ZCS and its suppliers at any tier shall not be liable for lost time, lost profits, or any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind, whether based on contract, negligence (including negligence or strict liability), or any other legal theory.

The buyer's remedies are exclusive. ZCS and its suppliers, at any tier, are liable only up to the price of the product, component or service in question, with respect to these warranty terms or actions in connection with them. This includes the use of any product that fails or is defective under these warranty terms as a result of manufacturer's liability.

The warranties provided are exclusive and replace all other statutory warranties, whether express or implied. ZCS shall not be subject to any obligation or liability of any kind except as set forth above with respect to the product sold or services provided.

9. Data protection.

ZCS will process the personal data of the contractual warranty holder in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy available that you will receive with after the warranty registration.

10. Miscellaneous Provisions - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

Only an authorized representative of ZCS can make changes to these terms and conditions.

If a court or arbitration award deems any provision of these Product Warranty Terms and Conditions invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

These warranty terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Italy, excluding its conflict of law provisions and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The Italian jurisdiction is exclusively applicable, and the place of jurisdiction is Arezzo, Italy.